Do You Want to Teach?

So you're a High School student; you've been playing your musical instrument for a minimum of three years; and you would like to help others by working for a non for profit organization that teaches Public Middle School students the same musical instrument that you love to play !

Just complete the crashchords Registration Form and we will do our best to match you with a student or students in your area. Each lesson usually takes place after school in the Middle School student's classroom and will last one hour. We will then recognize your efforts by awarding you with a crashchords Community Service Certificate which records the number of hours taught — each student will represent an hour, so teaching two students at the same time will earn you two hours of Community Service (and look great on your college application !)

Crashchords will provide you with an initial supply of three music tutorial books and some blank sheet music; you may be required to provide a spare instrument for the student to practice on and will be responsible for your own travel costs etc.

You'll probably remember the challenge you faced when you first started to learn to play your musical instrument...and now look at the fun you're having ! This is your chance to give something back and pass on your skill and techniques to others. All you need to do is to complete our Registration Form and you too can start to "spread the music" !!


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