Choosing to learn to play a musical instrument can be one of the most important decisions a young person might ever make.

The benefits are huge:

But taking that first step is never easy and the cost of a musical instrument and beginner's lessons can, for some, rule out becoming the next Jimi Hendrix.

Until now !!

Crashchords is a non for profit program which looks to introduce public Middle School students to learning to play guitar or, where possible, another musical instrument. Leveraging our contacts with High School students who are already proficient (with at least three years experience) of playing the same instrument and who are willing to give up their time after school to pass on their knowledge, we facilitate an initial meeting which will lead to a series of introductory lessons at the student's school.

Based in Southern California, crashchords aims to help fill the gap left by cuts to state funding which has left some public schools without the resources to provide a comprehensive music program. We receive no public funding and our volunteers receive no financial remuneration although they do earn Community Service hours for their time spent teaching.